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Washed Out - All I Know (Moby Remix)

Washed Out’s “Paracosm” is without a doubt one of the best albums we keep from 2013. It’s one of those pieces that we listen from the beginning until the end without feeling some sort of emptiness or disappointment. A piece of modern art that everyone should hear and absorb every single sound texture. While we live in an era that music seems to be disposable after one listen, there are still some producers that will remain forever in our hearts. Yesterday the legendary Sub Pop Records shared an excellent rendition from Moby of Washed Out‘s brilliant “All I Know.” This specific single is equally one of the most interesting pieces from the album, and, since we’re talking about a rework from one of the most prolific producers across the globe,  it’s natural and legit that we were excited to listen to the result. It seems that Moby decided not change much the main essence of the original. He kept the all the main elements, and just added a solid upbeat together with a gentle guitar layer. It’s fair enough to say that he did a great work by respecting the original version, and left intact all the imaginary and dreamy feeling from the primary track. Listen to the piece below, and just in case you missed Washed Out’s excellent remix of Moby’s “Almost Home,” stream it here. Pure gold!



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