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Panama - Strange Feeling

Last year, we had the chance of interviewing one of the most interesting bands coming from Australia. Directly from Sydney, Panama, released in 2013 their “Always” EP, that became instantly one of the best things that Future Classic gifted us. Yesterday, they unveiled a new track called “Strange Feeling,” which is included as a bonus track on the US edition of the EP. The new track totally enraptured us, especially by the diversity of sonorities they’re able to put in just one song. You’ll easy fall in love for the drum set, together with a modern solid beat that we have already noticed it works very much like their own signature. The silky voice of Jarrah McCleary is equally accompanied with an excellent saxophone solo act. We don’t know how they do it, but it’s truly impressive the quality of their productions. Panama’s music seems to be unlimited, when we talk about their creative process, and it appears that it can only get better and better. Make sure to buy your copy of “Strange Feeling” on iTunes, and revisit the excellent video for “Always,” here. Also, in case you missed our interview with band, check it out right here. Excellent!



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