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Tinush - Sommerregen

The best feeling you can have as blogger is when you post a track that instantly made you smile! It’s one of the most sincere action-reaction you can have, because you’re sharing with the world something that according to your concept of perfection has honestly conquered your heart and soul. This stunning piece titled “Sommerregen” from Berlin producer Tinush is the perfect example of a sound cut that instantly changed everyone’s state of mind over here at Golden Scissors. It’s impossible to write an article about this track without mixing feelings with professionalism. Even better when you don’t ask for anything in return! We don’t want your money to write about music, and we’re definitely not part of the capitalist side of the music world that foists people to listen to what they want us to listen. We write about music we love, and we have no shame to share it with you! “Sommerregen” is an emotive and ethereal journey of sound that insists to be replayed over and over again. It’s practically impossible to stay indifferent behind such an incredible group of sounds, resulting in a mesmerizing 7 minutes golden piece. Everything about this track is superbly designed! Beautiful strings and drums progression, which is divided by an immense and long drop around the third minute. Truly magical! Do yourself a favor and download your free copy below. Stay Golden…!

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