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We Were Evergreen - Daughters (Aeroplane Remix)

Our favorite Belgian aircraft pilot is finally back with a new remix! Vito de Luca, aka Aeroplane, has remixed recently the excellent single “Daughters” from Parisian electro-pop trio We Were Evergreen. The original is taken from the band’s upcoming debut album titled “Towards,” which is being released on May 5th, via Mi7/Island Records. Just like his entire remixed collection, we’re facing, once again, a superb piece of music from the master disco producer. Honestly, after listening to the original, we’re totally surrendered to this rework. Aeroplane’s version totally rehashed the piece, by extended it from 3 minutes and 30 seconds, into a 6 minute journey of pure swirling synths ecstasy. Around the minute 3:28 there’s a massive drop that is followed by an imponent build, which naturally makes us go back and forward on the player in order to realize the immensity of the piece. Listen to the track below, watch the official video of the original single after the jump, and because we love Aeroplane so much, we decided to upload his epic rendition of Low Motion Disco’s “Love Love Love.” Enjoy…!

Bonus: Low Motion Disco – Love Love Love (Aeroplane Remix) – download here ///


We Were Evergreen – Daughters (Official Video) – Directed by Dominique Rocher ///



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