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Erlend Øye - Fence Me In

Norwegian multi-instrumentalist and singer, Erlend Øye, is without a doubt one of the most talented producers across the world. He is known for being part of excellent projects, such as Kings Of Convenience, Whitest Boy Alive, along many other collaborations. Today we have the chance of listening to the single “Fence Me In,” which is the first cut from his upcoming and debut album titled “Legao,” that was recorded with members of the Icelandic band Hjalmar, at their studio in Reykjavik. “Legao” is being released during 2014 via Bubbles Records. We could not pass up the opportunity to share the news with you, since we’re massive fans of the Scandinavian musician. He is definitely a huge influence for everyone over here at Golden Scissors, and in our humble opinion we might be facing one of the best releases of the year. Really great news! Listen to the piece below, and revisit after the jump the epic video of Kings Of Convenience’s track “I’d Rather Dance With You,” released back in 2004.


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  1. MikeAssinovski says:

    Was just wondering what Erlend was up to. Wonder if he will ever return to the Whitest Boy Alive?

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