Golden Scissors



You can run, but you can’t hide! Music and love will always have a strong relationship. It’s almost impossible to explain why sometimes we relate a track to certain person, or even just a flashback of a past situation that we instantly connect with someone that meant the world to us. It’s our nature as humans. We do have feelings and we do certainly dream about thousands of situations when we’re through an enraptured love situation. It happens to everyone, sometimes it makes us suffer, but also makes us feel alive. The latest single from Danish synth-pop trio WhoMadeWho, “Heads Above,” is certainly one of those pieces that for sure will touch someone’s heart, or simply will become the soundtrack of someone’s relationship. The piece instantly grabbed our attention due its smoothness, elegance, and retro-innovative explosion of sweetness. Definitely, love at first sight! While listening to the the piece, it’s almost impossible not to close the eyes and imagine a perfect love scene next to the person we most desire. The single is taken from the band’s upcoming “Dreams” album, which is being released on March 3rd, via Darup Associates – Pre-order on iTunes. Listen to the piece below and revisit the epic “Keep Me In My Plane,” released about five years ago. The first duty of love is to listen!


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