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Hot Natured - Benediction (Lxury Remix)

Once again another song dropped at Pete Tong’s Essential new tunes, today we have for you upcoming British artist Lxury’s Remix of Benediction. This take on Hot Natured‘s original is a more radical departure and bold remix then we usually see. While the general trend among popular artists is to change the original just enough for it to be called different, it is nice to see artists pushing boundaries and showing us that indeed yes – the art of the remix is still well and alive.

Starting up with a clean beat and shaker, it’s not long until we have a break into the middle frequencies. Once acquainted with our musical pallet, the tune begins in earnest around the one minute and a half mark. In a colorful interplay of sounds and echos we get a good dose of what we are all here for, some damn good music. This “keeps movin’ on” all the way through until the end where we regretfully see a breakdown become a hiss and then silence.
Where is that replay button again?

Release on the 10th of March over at Beatport. For now check out Lxury’s Facebook and Soundcloud for more.



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