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Tycho – Spectre

“Spectre” is the third unveiled single from Tycho‘s upcoming album titled “Awake.” For what we have previously heard in the singles “Awake” and “Montana,” we can easily note that the new work will be more instrumental and less Chillwave as on “Dive,” released back in 2011. The project initiated by graphic artist Scott Hansen, is getting more expansive and wide-eyed post-rock-esque electronic soundscapes. Even though, Hansen still traffics in meticulously arranged guitar lines, but you also get sharp drumming and electric bass lines that bring more of the rock into the equation. No matter what direction the new work will take, and for what we already experienced with the previous tracks, we can only hope for another epic sound journey. Listen to the piece below, and watch the video footage for “Montana” after the jump. Great news just before another promising weekend!

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