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Ricoshëi - Perfect Like You

You know, sometimes good music is right in front of us, and we don’t even get it! A couple days ago, I saw that Ricoshëi had just started to follow us on Twitter, and I was actually surprised since we have never posted any of their tracks before. Well, sorry about that! From Los Angeles, Ricoshëi is an electronic duo consisting of Nikko Gibler and Jake Patrick Cohen. “Perfect Like You” is taken from their latest 2-track EP “Perfect Like You/Woolloomooloo,” which is already available on Pampa Records since February 17 – buy it on beatport. This track sounds modern, uplifting, sensual, and it is honestly addictive. It’s almost impossible stay indifferent behind such a group of mellow sounds heading the listener into a six minutes journey of pure love. Some people like to tag this track as Deep House. In my opinion, it’s just an amazing piece that easily can be played in every single set, not matter if you play disco, house, whateverism, or anything else. Good music doesn’t nee to be tagged. Without a doubt we’re facing one of the best releases of the month/year. Pure gold!



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