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Henri Texier - Les La-Bas (Bonobo Remix)

Free music is always welcome, especially if it’s being delivered by one of our favorite producers! A couple days ago Bonobo shared a great remix of Henri Texier’s massive hit “Les La-Bas.” The original single is taken from French Jazz musician album titled “Varech,” released back in 1977. This track is quite popular here in Portugal, particulary during the Carnival festivities. If you’re familiarized with the original piece, we’re pretty sure you’re going to adore this simple and effective remix from UK producer. Almost for sure Bonobo took this one from his personal remixed work for DJ sets, and decided to give it away. Minor changes were made here. The bassline rework definitly guides the piece, alongside with a faster tempo. The rest of the track is very similar to the original. Anyway, this one goes straight to our music library. Definitly a keeper!

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