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Duke Dumont feat Jax Jones - I Got U (Tensnake Remix)

Over the past years, we have been assisting to an impressive rising career from German producer Tensnake. It’s incredible the amount of amazing music he has been delivering, and to be honest, we have no more words to classify his outstanding quality production skills. Today we’re being gifted with a fantastic remix for Duke Dumont’s excellent “I Got U.” Once again, and again, and again, we’re facing a faultless production together with an immense sense of sound aesthetic. It’s honestly hard to understand why don’t see more producers doing things with the same quality that Tensnake does. If you remember, before producing house he used to deliver the most amazing Nu Disco songs as well, which can only makes us think that we’re facing a genius of the modern times. Does it make sense to you? We can only assume that he could produce almost anything, that for sure it would sound equally amazing. Anyway, listen to the piece below, and watch the official video of the original single, here. We also decided to attach to this post his own rework of the immense “Congolal,” because it’s truly special and it will never get old. Stay golden!

Bonus: Tensnake – Congolal (Tensnake Rework) – Download here ///



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