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Jupiter - Juicy Lucy (Crayon Remix)

It’s been a while since we talked about Crayon, and this seems like the right chance to do so. This French artist just delivered a very nice remix of Jupiter’s “Juicy Lucy” and here we are to share it with you. Crayon is another one of those french cool disco dudes, with their French Touch, that we have been following since the beginning of times, or since this blog started, whatever suits. He keeps himself in good company in the Fitness Club alongside Jupiter, Zimmer and Anoraak. He has been releasing music on Kitsuné, such has “Cosma” that appears on the compilation “Kitsuné Parisien 3”, and also on Yuksek’s won label Partyfine, with the great “Give you up”, which we covered with Darius remix here. Not to mention the multiple collaborations with artists like Darius or Pyramid and remixes for fellow label artists such as this one. Check is soundcloud page for more, it’s definitely worth your time.
Which brings us to today’s song, “Juicy Lucy” is Jupiter‘s hit from 2012 and we have seen our share of remixes from it, but there was something here that caught our attention. Probably the low pitch work done on Amélie’s voice or maybe it’s those slow smooth keys with a cool bassline going up and down creating that summer breeze like feel that makes us miss the hot days on the beach. Whatever it is, it just works.
And for the simple price of a Facebook like, you can get this song for free. So, what are you waiting for to click on it?

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