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Woodblock and Toon Andries - That boy should hide

It’s always a pleasure when we have the chance to post a track from an upcoming producer, especially if it’s original material. If you dream one day to become an electronic music producer, make sure your first release will sound really good. It’s fundamental to share a solid track, because it’s the easiest way to make a good impression, and it’s also easier to call people’s attention. So, this time we’re sharing an excellent single called “That Boy Should Hide,” which is the result of a collaboration between two young Belgian producers, Wannes Vermeulen aka Woodblock and Toon Andries. According to the mail we received, Wannes started to learn music by the age of four, and for the last couple months he has been trying to get in into the world of electronic music. According to his own words, “I started working on house music 6 months ago and tried to make it perfect. I never put anything online when I’m not sure I think it’s good, or in my eyes perfect.” We couldn’t agree more with his wised words! This piece sounds fresh and totally reflects his musical background. The instrumental work is truly wonderful and surprised us in a positive way! The percussion works pretty well with the piano line, and the voice from Toon Andries sounds proper, uplifting, and mature. We’re definitely facing an excellent piece, that instantly called our attention for its creativity process, together with an impressive quality production. We loved so much the piece that we asked for an exclusive free download. Go ahead, download your copy below, and share this post with your friends, because all support these kids can get will never be enough.  Stay Golden! 

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