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The Presets - Goodbye Future (wordlife Remix)

Modular People shared recently a massive House rendition from Sydney’s duo Wordlife of The Presets‘ latest track “Goodbye Future.” The original single is only the first track in a series of releases that the band will drop during 2014, and you can already buy the new one on iTunes. So this remix from Wordlife is one of those tracks exclusively produced for the dance floor. The duo decided to extend the piece from 3 min and 30 seconds into a journey of 6 minutes. Their redemption reflects the essence of the original, even though, they reinvented the vocal a little by chopping it in some parts, and they also changed the order of the “reposition.” Around the min 1:53 there’s an entry of a massive bass-line which will totally vaporize the dance floor, and yes, it’s pretty massive! The structure of the track is superbly designed as well. It is divided in several drops, that naturally will result in massive builds and consequently will create moments of euphoria, contrasting with transitional slowed phases. The piece also perfect in case you’re DJ, and you like to do “breaks” between two songs. Definitely a track to be tested on the dance floor!



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