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Here at Golden Scissors, we love bringing you new golden music and showcasing blossoming artists. So today we have a little treat for you all. The 4th single by upcoming Swedish duo moodblanc, “Faith” is a track crafted in evening sunlight and golden rays.

A chilled out Nu Disco tune, Faith brings to life ideas of driving to the beach,dancing and relaxing with that special someone. Courtesy of sun-drenched vocals, soft guitars and a gentle bass line,  we are again in the case of a summer song in the amidst the winter. So I guess this one is for you party people of the Southern-Hemisphere! Make the most of it, the rest of us will have to wait for another golden summer.

All of moodblanc’s songs are free download on their Soundcloud page. You can grab this track below:

Download here ///



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