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Elizabeth Rose - The Good Life (Charles Murdoch Remix)

When the boys from Future Classic drop something new on Soundcloud, you already know it’s gonna be good, right? Yes! A couple minutes ago the Australian label shared a memorable House rendition from Charles Murdoch of Elizabeth Rose‘ single “The Good Life.” If you’re thinking about the original as reference, forget that idea! This remix totally brings a whole new meaning to the piece, and that’s why we love some much Charles Murdoch midas touch. The prodigious Aussie producer, once again, shows to everyone his natural-born skills when we talk about doing it right. He totally reinvents the original piece by adding more elements than the ones he certainly found on the stems package.  This remix is probably the most creative from the whole Remixed EP, which also features more reinterpretations from Alba, Victoria Kim and Option4 – already available on iTunes since January 17th. Despite following the same sound sequence of the original piece, the Brisbane-born producer decides to add a male vocal sample very much since the first second of the piece, which combines perfectly with Rose’s burning voice. The remix is so accurate, that it’s almost impossible to stay indifferent behind the excellent instrumental reconstruction, pretty much under-covering the main House feeling with ethereal ambient sounds. Listen to the remix below, and watch the video of the original single after the jump. So good!


Elizabeth Rose – The Good Life (Official Video) ///



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