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Years & Years - Real (Official Video)

Electro-pop UK trio Years & Years unveiled today the music video for the single “Real.” The director of the clip, Robert Francis Müller, “took” the band to the nightclub, and there, they induced people to dance influenced by a magical Ace card in the hand of Olly Alexander. The short movie also include appearances from UK actors Ben Whishaw, Tuppence Middleton, and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett. “Real” is being released on February 17th via Kitsuné with remixes from Le Marquis, J.A.C.K, and Tobtok. Watch the clip below, and read Olly Alexander’s own thoughts about the track/video. Enjoy…!

“I did a play with Ben and he’s such a brilliant dancer, like an electric eel or something. The track has a big dance element and I wanted to see people dancing the way that Ben does, in a way that is almost out of control, like they’ve been hypnotized or something.”



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