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Chloe Martini - Never Forget About Your Roots (CBR Edit)

I’m sorry, it’s stronger than me! I was trying to keep this one for our upcoming Holy Sounday, but…. this is truly magical! Believe it, or not, but the truth is that we’ve been following the Parisian producer Enzo River aka CBR for quite some time now, and today is the day! Here’s his magical edit of Chloe Martini’s “Never Forget About Your Roots”|listen here|. The original piece is already pretty much mellow, elegant and ethereal, but this rework is so well accomplished that completely stolen our hearts and we had to share it. Plus, it’s available for free download and since we’re heading to weekend it’s just perfect as weekend soundtrack.  CBR has been quite active lately by dropping great original material and wonderful edits and remixes for Sohn or Goldroom, just to name a few. Once again, we’re being gifted with a tremendous piece, that instantly captivated our attention for its slow pace and nostalgic vibe. This edit totally captures the innocent essence of the original and at the same time adds a whole new feeling. Truly blissful. Free download in exchange of a Facebook like. Magical…

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