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Flying Lotus - Puppet Talk (Space Gang Remix)

I was planning to keep secretly this remix from New Jersey beatmaker Daniel Moore, aka Space Gang, of Flying Lotus’ “Puppet Talk,” with the finality of include it in our next “Holy Sounday,” but, It was stronger than me, and I had to share it today. If you remember, a couple months ago Flying Lotus shared a pack of unreleased material |download here|, such as the lovely “Puppet Talk.” Behind these luscious beats there’s a lot of history that is truly relevant to mention. The piece belongs to French composer and pianist Erik Satie’s “Gymnopédie No.1” |listen here|, published in Paris in 1888. It is divided  in three short atmospheric pieces written in 3/4 time. Together, the “Gymnopédies” are considered as an important precursor to modern ambient music in which defied the classical tradition. Just for you to have an idea, these pieces have been reworked and covered over the years by many different artists such as, Gary Numan, Lana Del Rey, Janet Jackson, among others. Times have changed, music is always changing, but the truth is that there are some pieces of music that will remain for ever. Doesn’t really matter if you’re into any other genre. The “Gymnopédies” will remain forever as an international patrimony. So, this remix from Space Gang is superbly designed. He kept all the best from Flying Lotus version, but also extended it and added an interesting cinematic concept, lasting the entire piece. Absolutely gorgeous! For what we have been researching, Space Gang already counts with 2 albums out, “Panacea” and “Forest Mirrors,” which you can download on his Bandcamp, as well as a cool limited cassete tapes for the albums released via Dome Of Dome. So, if you’re still reading this post, make sure to download your free mp3 below, and show some love to Space Gang on Soundcloud. Peace…

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