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Moby - Almost Home (Washed Out Remix)

A couple days ago, the legendary producer Richard Hall, aka Moby, shared an outstanding remix from Washed Out for the single “Almost Home.” As major fans of everyone involved in this production, we felt it’s our duty to share this lovely piece with our readers. “Almost Home” is taken Mooby’s 11th studio album “Innocents,” which is already available on iTunes. Ernest Greene’s rendition takes the original into another level. He creates an immense atmosphere by rewashing almost the entire instrumental arrangement, adding an intense bass-line, together with a smooth percussion and yearning synths. The vocal rework doesn’t change much from the original, but it works pretty well with the instrumental reinterpretation. Despite remaining true to the original single, this remix, definitely conveys a dreamy and feel good energy. It’s almost impossible to stay indifferent behind such a delicate and luscious piece. Listen to the track below, and read Moby’s own words about the single that is being released on 24th February via Little Idiot. Pure Gold!

“One thing that makes L.A. great is you live in your cars, so you listen to a lot of radio; there, public radio stations like KXLU and KCRW are actually valid, big stations that people listen to. One day, I was listening to ‘Morning Becomes Eclectic’ on KCRW, and I heard a Damien Jurado song. I simply fell in love with his voice – this most beautiful, vulnerable, pristine, angelic voice. Originally ‘Almost Home’ was a fully finished song, but I love Damien’s approach to melody and lyrics, so I gave it to him as an instrumental. What he did was much better than anything I’d come up with.”



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