Golden Scissors


Solomun feat roisin murphy

We’ve been waiting for this track for too long! A couple days ago, we heard for the first time via Solomun‘s Dj Set at The BPM Festival his latest single titled “Gamble On You” featuring soulful vocals of the Disco Queen, Róisín Murphy. As major fans of the lady, we had to share with you the new piece! It’s quite impossible to not love Róisín’s stunning voice, while she’s always emanating a positive and sexy energy. The entire piece lasts around 8 minutes, but we dare to say that it could last the double. Top notch instrumental progression and arrangement by the Bosnian producer, just like his previous productions. The world is certainly begging for more Róisín’s collaborations in the future. Maybe an album in 2014, who knows? Give it a listen below and tell us what you think!



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  1. ryan says:

    I love the build at the beginning. I agree it could be twice as long or 4 times as long. ROISIN!!!!

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