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Mayer Hawthorne - Reach Out Richard (Mitzi Remix)

Sydney-based band Mitzi just put out this wonderful rendition of “Reach Out Richard” by Mayer Hawthorne.
Mitzi, having previously seen their songs released by the likes of Future Classic, and having done remixes for other industry stars such as Two Door Cinema Club are on a track to bring Garage Disco to the masses.

In this case the Quartet decided to leave the original vocals mostly untouched, and for good reason: the new part-Indie-part-Disco sound of the remix is well garnished with the soul-singer’s vocals. Unique for a song in this genre, we can say that for once the synths don’t take center stage, instead here the percussion and atmospheric sounds are King. Hopefully this track won’t get stuck too long in your head.

The song is free download below, and the original song’s album with other remixes can be found on iTunes.

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