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I bet you already knew that we were going to post this mix! Well, it’s stronger than us, what can we do? We love Jupiter so much that every time they share something new it’s always exciting. These kids have been around for ages, always delivering quality disco. It’s quite impressive to notice that despite the electronic music trends change almost every single year, they keep faithful to their stunning music. There’s no need to change, when what you do is done with love and soul. Below you will find their latest mixtape, which is full of unknown and rare pearls. Download your copy and make sure to support them on Facebook and Soundcloud. Long live Jupiter!

Download here ///

Tracklist ///
Drop Out Orchestra- The Blue Train (Dicky Trisco Mix)
Sugar Hill & Wasabi – Sexy Eyes
Etienne de Crecy – We, Computers(Hippo Disco Remix)
Concorde – Floating There (Jupiter Remix)
S&M Music Company – Walk Away (Cyclist Remix)
Ill Advised – Hurt Me
Lux & Todd Edwards – I’ve Still Got Sunshine (Pat Lok Remix)
Splash Wave – Spin Jammers
Phil & Dan – Everybody Loves (Monte Remix)
Fare Soldi – Another Light
Miss Kittin – Maneki Neko (Chateau Marmont Remix)
Fortune – Island



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