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RÜFÜS - Desert Night (DE$iGNATED Remix)

Yes, we do love these morning surprises coming straight from South Hemisphere! A couple minutes ago, the Australian electro-pop trio, RüFüS, dropped on their Soundcloud a massive redemption from London producer DE$iGNATED for the single “Desert Night.” The original piece is slightly dark with an obscure slow-tempo pace, which is totally reinvented and accelerated by the UK producer. Let’s say that this remix works better on the dance floor after 2 am, and yes, it has that classical UK Deep/House/Bass vibe that completely makes you dance and beg for more. After a first minute of introduction enters a massive bassline, which is followed by two mini drops and a fantastic chopped vocal work that embellishes the piece and gives it a cool flow. Despite being a House remix, the piece doesn’t get much longer than the original. “Desert Night” will be available on February 24 via Colombia. In the meanwhile, listen to remix below, read our recent interview with the band here, and watch the official video of the original single after the jump. BANG!


RÜFÜS – Desert Night (Official Video) ///



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