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When you take the risk of remixing a tune from Cashmere Cat, you better know what you’re doing! We have been assisting to a lot of rising producers for the last couple years, but it’s fair enough to say that none of them created a self-proclaimed genre like Cashmere Cat did. He’s clearly one of the most exciting producers of the moment, and we’re honestly in love for his style. Even the alter ego he adopted is awesome! If you are following us for quite some time now, probably you remember when last year we shared an excellent single titled “Loving Free” |listen/download here|, which is taken from L.A.-based producer Mark Redito (aka Spazzkid) debut album “Desire.” He’s definitely one our favorite up-and-comers from 2013, and we’re naturally curious to see what path he’s going to take in 2014. Today he shared a brand new remix of Cashmere Cat’s latest original single “With Me,” and the truth is that we’re totally surrendered to this piece. The original piece is a natural source of ideas, which is easy to take ideas and make something interesting, but, it’s definitely not easy to make it sound awesome! Let’s say that this remix brings a whole new perspective, also from a producer that crafted a very personal sound aesthetic. The result couldn’t be better! Spazzkid rips off the best from the original, adding a delightful combination of sweet and positive, melodic and dreamy sounds. A track to be played and replayed, just to make sure you’ve assimilated every single note. Fantastic! Download your copy below, and watch the official video of the original track after the jump.

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Cashmere Cat – With Me (Official)



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