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Dillon Francis - Without You Feat1
From all remixes we already heard for Dillon Francis‘ latest collaboration with TEED on the single “Without You,” without any doubt, that this one by Chordashian is by far our favorite. The original single is already pretty cool, but it’s not a track for the dance floor. Well, at least it’s not an easy deal to mix! This remix from Brooklyn duo definitely brings that perfect house mood that will instantly make you dance and beg for more. Instead of their classical Indie Dance touch, the duo decided to take a different approach, going more into the house scene. The result couldn’t be better! We’re definitely facing a solid rework, which  clearly brings all the best from the original. Download your copy below, and watch the official video of the original single after the jump. POW!

Download here ///


Dillon Francis – Without You Feat. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (Official Video)



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