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Delcroix & Delatour Memory3

Recently, we came across by one of those tracks that it’s almost impossible not to like. Well, believe it or not, but this is just one of many excellent productions from French Deep House duo producers, Delcroix & Delatour. We’re randomly posting the single “Memory,” just because it’s their most recent piece, but, their entire Soundcloud is full of great sounds. “Memory” drives us almost unconscious to those Summer typical flashbacks: the sea, picnics, ice cream, shorts, relax,…. LOVE! The piece is superbly designed, which makes us think that these guys thoroughly think every single detail before dropping it to their audience. Beautiful strings, piano-line, together with a gorgeous female vocal sample, throwing you back to those late Summer nights next to the person you love. It’s honestly hard to express in words the elegance of this piece of music. Grab your copy below, and make sure to support them, because their giving away almost their entire music. Stay golden….

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