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Until The Ribbon Breaks - Pressure (αtu remix)

A couple weeks ago we featured an excellent redemption by ALFi of Until The Ribbon Breaks‘ beautiful single “2025” |download here|, which has been played literally on repeat mode around here. Today we’re being  gifted with another monumental remix from Michigan producer αtu for the single “Pressure.” It’s honestly hard to express in words what we feel when we listen to Until The Ribbon Breaks unique sound aesthetic. We don’t want to make comparisons with other people’s work. All we know is that his music arrived to our ears like a bomb! αtu’s redemption brings a completely different perspective of the original track; from a cool and happy song, into a piece of mellow and delicate sounds, that insists to be played and replayed in order to absorb every single detail. This piece is deep, emotional, introspective and refined. Well, just click below and listen for yourself! F.E.E.L.I.N.G.S.



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