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XXYYXX is definitely a producer that will eventually become even more prolific in the future. I don’t know if you’re familiarized with his work, but, personally, I’m convinced that we’re still going to listen to his best releases in the future. Ok, I know that “About You” |listen here| has more than 13 million plays on YouTube, however I honestly believe that this is only the beginning of a story that might eventually become legendary. Anyway, below you will find his latest remix of Fortune Howl‘s track “Earthbound.” If you compare this rework with his previously releases, you will find it more mature and slightly different, not just in terms of quality production, but mainly when it comes of listening to new sonorities. The piece is taken from a massive remix package from Orlando producer new album titled “Earthbound,” released recently via Relief in Abstract, buy it here. You can download the entire remix package as free download, which also features some of our favorites of the moment, such as, TWOS, Mister Lies, YYU, amongst others. Check out below the player as well the entire tracklist. Get involved!

Download here ///

“Earthbound [Remixed]” Tracklist:
1. Edit Me (UBIK Remix)
2. A Terrible Machine (Mister Lies Remix)
3. Laika (MARBLE Remix)
4. Vision Quest (YYU Remix)
5. Interzone Export (Bwoy De Bhajan Remix)
6. Pressure (Spies on Bikes Remix)
7. Echo the Sun (XXYYXX Remix)
8. Kodiak (Go Dugong Remix)
9. Plastic Eyes (m∞n Remix)
10. Viscera (Daddy’s Long Leg Remix)
11. Whatever Ghost (TWOS Remix)
12. Paws (Ruddyp Remix)



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