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Todd Terje - Spiral

We already knew Todd Terje was going to deliver his new EP during this week! In fact, we’ve been listening to those juno previews all morning! So, we have “Spiral,” which is the title single of the release and, the B-side is called “Q.” This time there isn’t much difference in terms of “instant” like. Both tracks will take you on a cosmic disco space flight, that you will think it was produced by someone out of this world. Honestly, how is it possible to produce something like this? How is it possible to produce a track with more than 10 minutes and everyone listens religiously to everything until the very last second? We’re starting to doubt if Todd is actually human! Is he? Ok, let’s start with “Q.” “Q” begins with a simple solid beat together with a fancy cowbell, right after this small intro, follows a swirling synth-line, which will remain until the end of the piece giving the impression it is being played randomly, but, for several moments it becomes the main character of the tune. After the min 3:32 is when the body of the piece is complete and you will start to feel that the pace is speeding up, which, will result on a massive build up around 5th minute. The story goes on with a second and last build up that for sure will blow on dance floor!

“Spiral” is slightly shorter, but definitely more intense! The structure of the track reminds us of “Inspector Norse.” The piece starts with a drummed pad, which is followed by a solid bassline pairing perfectly with an addictive (really addictive) synth-line that will quickly develop itself along the piece. Around the min 2:40 is when the main melody arrives. It definitely conveys some sort of retro feeling heading us into something that we could easily listen in 2009 (good times). Stunning. Right after the main intro, you’re probably already enraptured by the general ambiance of the piece, which is “disturbed” by a massive drop around the min 5:20. This long drop is logically followed by a fantastic build, reaching its peak around the min 7:11. Massive.  If you’re still reading this post, make sure you don’t forget to buy your copy of the release on Beatport. Educate Your Ears!



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