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CHASSOL - Oddity Yuksek remix

Today we present to you an impressive remix by the Reims-born Pierre-Alexandre Busson, better known as Yuksek. I could go on about the details surrounding the song, but I rather take you on a little trip, as I think ultimately, it is more significant.

We start this musical delight with the sound of bells, and what seems a gentle lullaby.  Then the kick and snare join the party to add some decisiveness to where our ears are going. The journey slowly builds as we climb that stereophonic hill with the help of some claps. Over the hill, the real adventure begins. As sounds fade out we get more of a melody, which is eventually joined with some nonsensical singing (in the good way). It’s almost like floating through the echoes of space. Yes I am overdoing it, and no we don’t care; by this point the groove is already here. Just sit back and enjoy it, you deserve a break.

Out on Tricatel the 2nd of December.

Besides buying the remix, make sure to support Yuksek on Facebook and Soundcloud.



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