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Pompeya - Sister (Pharao Black Magic Remix)
Pharao Black Magic turns Indie Pop into a Synth bomb in this new remix of Pompeya‘s “Sister”. These two are familiar artists here and we love both their work. Pompeya, the band from Moscow, Russia, have been making their way with a New Wave sound and after two albums and some recognition in their home country they have managed to release a full length in the US, comprising of songs featured in both albums and also re-launching the single “Power”, see the video here. Pharao Black Magic, who have released works on labels such as Kitsuné and lately on Future Classic, are always on the edge of the Tropical and Nudisco sounds remixing for the likes of Walter Sobcek, Shindu, JBAG or Brynjolfur, and also releasing originals along the way such has “Tropical Dreams”, featured here, or the latest “Obsession”, listen here.
So it’s only natural that the combination shows the love of synths and tropical grooves stamped with a deep beat, making a slow progression into the vocals just to explode into the main keyboards and that pumping beat. Great.
It’s already been released as a Vynil, which can be found at Colette, here.



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