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Electric Youth - Innocence

Canadian duo Austin Garrick and Bronwyn Griffin, aka Electric Youth, will stay forever connected to a particular movement inside of the electronic scene that is unique! They’re considered a reference when we talk about the art of revisiting the 80’s played with a real synthesizer. Over the past years they have been collaborating with many different artists, but right in the beginning of everything, they released a great single called “Faces” featured in a compilation called “Valerie & Friends” via the French blog/label Valerie Collective. At the time the compilation became really known worldwide, which also featured many other great artists such as, Russ Chimes, Xinobi, Moullinex, DVAS, Symbolone, Minitel Rose, College, Anoraak, amongst many others. Definitely, a golden era of the electronic scene, especially in Europe. Since then, they’ve released great singles like ,”She Never Came Back,”  “A Real Hero” |listen here| (feat. on movie Drive), “Right Back to You,” and more recently “The Good Thing” |listen here|. We couldn’t just write a post about the new single without revisit some of their immense musical background. “Innocence” is the first unveiled single from their debut album due out in 2014 via Last Gang Records. The new piece is everything we love about Electric Youth! Shining synths, great chord progression together with Bronwyn’s elegant voice.  The track will be available on iTunes soon, as well as an official video. Sincerely yours.



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