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254 - Creeping (MAYA JANE COLES REMIX)

Is there anything not to like about when we talk about Maya Janes Coles and Bonobo? We don’t know about you, but we’re surely enjoying her latest redemption of Bonobo’ superb single “First Fires.” “First Fires” is the opening track from the British producer latest full-length “The North Borders,” which is by far one of the best releases we keep from 2013, buy it here. Coles remix couldn’t sound more proper, legit and clean! She totally felt the breeze of the original piece and took it into her own “world.” The vocal reconstruction is delicious and superbly attached along the piece matching perfectly with the general atmosphere of the remix. It’s almost impossible to stay indifferent behind such a massive bassline, which works like a “dictator” heading us straight to the dance floor. Listen to the piece below and make sure you didn’t the miss the official video for “Cirrus.” Massive.



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