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Robinn - Plastic People

I love to post a track, that I like since the first moment I click play! Even better, if it’s from a producer I’m hearing about for the first time. “Plastic People” is taken from London producer Robinn, aka Tom Le French, debut album “Multiphonia” released last October via German imprint Compost. It’s honestly impossible to stay indifferent to such a quality production, together with an unique and immense creative work. With only 3 minutes and 22 seconds length, you will find yourself lost behind the variety of the sound textures. The entire piece is full of excellent and innovative sound cuts, which manifests a huge musical knowledge by Tom, not just inside the music production world, but also by adding new sonorities inside the genre. Download your copy and check out the tracklist below the player. Great track!

Download here ///

Robinn’s “Multiphonia” tracklist ///

1. Dialog (2:04)
2. Alarm feat. Nathaniel Pearn (3:21)
3. Plastic People (3:22)
4. Hall Of Mirrors feat. Nathaniel Pearn (4:42)
5. All That Will Remain feat. Nathaniel Pearn (4:0
6. Syntax Error (2:01)
7. No! (5:25)
8. Hawaiian Wedding (4:07)
9. Redlight feat. Nathaniel Pearn (5:26)
10. The Sound Around Us feat. Nathaniel Pearn (3:10)
11. Le Mas (3:54)
12. Talk To Me (3:02)
13. The Game’s Now Over feat. Nathaniel Pearn (3:52)
14. False (8:31)

Buy “Multiphonia” here ///



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