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The Swiss - Golden Century

First of all, we love the artwork! How can you not love non-sense, post-modern, knifes, chicks on pigs? cocktails, whateverism stuff? Exactly, we’re talking about “Kiss To Kiss,” which is title of the latest EP from the Australian duo, The Swiss. Friday Night Disco? Do you remember that crazy track called “Bubble Bath” that we used to dance like fools…. No? Revisit it here! So, the new EP was released yesterday on the French label, Kitsuné, featuring two original singles and remixes by Breakbot, Pyramid and Amtrac. Buy it here!. After listening to the whole EP, we honestly advice everyone to buy the whole thing, if possible, a vinyl copy. Our favorite original track might be “Golden  Century,” which is actually the B-Side track of EP. It’s definitely a mesmerizing journey of synth disco with some intense and epic drums! Apart the original material, we’re totally surrendered by Breakbot‘s redemption of “Kiss To Kiss.” Definitely a masterpiece. We heard this track for the first time when Thibaut dropped it at the Boiler Room in Paris. It was actually the last track of his set, watch it here. Since then, we’ve been crazy to achieve it! Maybe his best remix of 2013, maybe not. But it’s certainly one of the best pieces we’re keeping from 2013! Listen to the track below and check out the tracklist of the EP after the jump!

The Swiss’ “Kiss To Kiss” EP (buy here) tracklist ///
1. Kiss To Kiss (original)
2. Kiss To Kiss (extended)
3. Kiss To Kiss (Breakbot remix)
4. Kiss To Kiss (Pyramid remix)
5. Kiss To Kiss (Amtrac remix)
6. Golden Century

Stream “Golden Century” here ///



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  1. Just woaaah !! so different from his usual work ! so retro ! The synths are perfects !!

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