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Metronomy - I'm Aquarius
November is definitely one of our favorite months of the year! Now it’s the time when everyone starts to collect the best releases of this year, and, it is also, when some artists start to tease us with their forthcoming releases for next year. Today, Metronomy unveiled a new single titled “I’m Aquaris” taken from their new album “Love Letters,” to be released on March 10 via Because Music.  After the huge success of the band’s last album “The English Riviera,” it’s quite natural that everyone’s excited about the new piece! It seems like it was yesterday that we heard for the first time beautiful tracks, such as, “Look” |listen here| or “The Bay” |listen here|. “I’m Aquarius” denotes a similar sound-line feeling, even though, there’s a natural evolution. Still, you can clearly feel that their sound remains faithful to their self and unique identity. We’re honestly anxious to hear what Joseph Mount and his pals have prepared this time, in order to educate our ears! To download the song, you can use the app Night Sky, which helps you to know precisely what you’re looking at when you look at the stars. Once you find Aquarius, you can get the song for free! Stream the track below and watch the tracklist after the jump!

Metronomy’s “Love Letters” tracklist:

1 – The Upsetter
2 – I’m Aquarius
3 – Monstrous
4 – Love Letters
5 – Month Of Sundays
6 – Boy Racers
7 – Call Me
8 – The Most Immaculate Haircut
9 – Reservoir
10 – Never Wanted



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