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Zimmer - Galapagos

After two years of doing remixes, the French producer Baptiste Zimmer is finally back with a brand new original piece entitled “Galapos.” It’s quite interesting to observe that, while many other producers changed their musical direction, he kept himself faithful doing his own thing, without following any specific trend. Obviously, it was risky, but it’s clear that the disco maestro always believed in himself, and kept exploring and developing his own style. The result couldn’t be better! We’ve have been facing to several well succeed remixes for good people such as, Pompeya, Kamp!, Jupiter, Moon Boots, amongst others. According to the producer own words, “Galapagos” follows the same sound-line of his debut single “Cruisin.” The new piece works more like an upgrade of his own self-styled, Horizontal Disco. In exchange of a Facebook “Like” you can download the new single for free, and you can take it with you everywhere!

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  1. great track! download link broken tho

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