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Until The Ribbon Breaks - 2025 (ALFi Remix)

Honestly. I don’t want to sound pretentious by writing this post in the first person, but sometimes as blogger I do feel the need to express myself and write exactly what I think about a particular piece. Yesterday I came across a stunning remix from UK producer ALFi of Until The Ribbon Breaks’ (real name Peter Lawrie Winfield) single “2025”. The original track is taken from Winfield’s debut “A Taste Of Silver” EP, which has been widely covered all over the blogosphere. For what I’ve been researching, I know that the single was written in a difficult period of Winfield’s life, where he was literally sleeping on the floor of his studio with no concrete plan for his career. “At times, it was incredibly liberating and exciting,” “At [other] times, it felt like everything was on the brink of falling apart completely.” While reading these words, I can only assume that sometimes when we cross by moments of intellectual “madness,” it is probably when our natural creative process is more open minded to produce something completely out of the natural “order.” I’m not gonna lie to you and say that I’m a huge fan of R&B, I’m not, but I’m definitely feeling every single note/lyric of the original. In fact, after listening to the remix, I had to listen to the original |listen here| to make sure about the legitimacy of the both pieces. “2025” is an intense piece of “world music” tagged as R&B, but the truth is that every single person in the world should listen to this piece without any kind of preconceived musical genre. ALFi’s reinterpretation of the original couldn’t sound more legit and faithful. The feeling of the original single remains untouchable, while the vocal reconstruction is very well designed and flows naturally. I’m completely surrendered by the introspective feeling of this version, as well as, by the excellent technical arrangement and structure of the entire piece. Download your copy of the remix below, and if you register at the producer’s webpage now, you will receive “A Taste Of Silver” as a free download. Containing new material, the EP will also boast remixes from TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek, Burns, ViLLΛGE, Ta-Ku and Holy Other. I’ll see you in 2025…

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