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Daughter - Tomorrow Andrea Remix
Daugther’s latest album “If You Leave” has been widely remixed by some of our favorite artists. This time we have a smooth and beautiful redemption from Parisian producer Andrea for the single “Tomorrow.” Andrea has been on a roll lately with numerous remixes and original material. We have been following very close his path, and we’re honest surrendered to almost everything he has been delivering. On repeat is still being played his magnificent “Want You Back” |listen/download here| as well as the single “Another” |listen/download here|. Once again we’re being gifted with a luscious piece that works perfectly as soundtrack, while the temperature outside keeps falling.  It’s honestly impossible to stay indifferent before such a group of peaceful and greaceful sounds. Just close your eyes and let magic drive your body and soul….

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Categories: Ambient, Downtempo, Free Mp3, Glitch

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