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Panama - Always (Classixx Remix)

Oh My! Here’s the perfect weekend warm-up! Future Classic has just shared a refined remix from L.A. duo Classixx of Panama‘s brilliant single “Always.” “Always” is taken from the band’s sophomore EP, which is available free for a limited time at their Bandcamp. Classix’s interpretation of the original works like an “upgrade,” more orientated for the dance floor. It doesn’t take off a single note of the elegance from the original. We can feel that their rework was previously studied in detail. By extending the piece for almost 6min, we can only assume it, as an intention of exalting the best moments from the original piece.  After all we’re talking about one of the best tracks of the year! The intro sounds very much like the original, super catchy with a vibrant guitar, which creates some sort of anxious for the next moment. Around the 0:49 is when you feel the entire body of the piece getting shaped with an immense bassline, proceeded by the vocal (also untouchable). The sequence is repeated for one more time, and then arrives a small drop, followed by a quick build. Finally, the piece grows into some sort of climax, and we can hear all the elements playing harmoniously together. Super classy work! The remix is being released very soon, alongside more redemptions from Wave Racer & Cosmo’s Midnight. Also, in case you missed the official video of the original single, make sure to follow this link. Great news just before another promising weekend!



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