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Henry Green - Electric Feel (Kygo Remix)

MGMT’s “Electric Feel” is the second single from the duo’s debut album “Oracular Spectacular” released back in 2007. One of those tracks that will stay forever in our heart. A couple days ago I came across an elegant remix from Norwegian producer Kygo of Henry Green’s cover of MGMT’s “Electric Feel.” I must be totally honest and admit that I’ve wrongly judged this work. I’m pretty sure it’s a normal reaction since the original seems to be untouchable! The truth is that we’re facing a beautiful piece that doesn’t “compromise” the original. Instead, it shows that it’s possible to make great music from something great that has already been produced, remixed, re-edited, and reinvented. Unlike the original, Kygo’s remix is more quiet, where you can clearly feel he knew exactly what to do with the piece. Make sure to download your copy below, and follow Kygo on Facebook and Soundcloud. Also, if you’re interested to hear Henry Green’s cover of the song, check it out here. It’s time to make love….

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  1. Abc says:

    Oracular Spectacular was released in 2007, not 2003. The singles, including Electric Feel, hit the radio in 2008

  2. Ann Okafor says:

    I'm pretty sure Electric Feel did NOT come out in 2003.

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