Golden Scissors


watch out bufi & la royale

Those Mexican kids are hitting hard when we talk about Disco! Alec Sander (aka and La Royale) and Mateo Gonzalez (aka Bufi) are two of the most prominent producers from Mexico. They’re actually leading the scene inside the country, and they’re slowly starting to conquer the world. Following their previous release “Paris” |listen here|, which also resulted in an European tour (Paris included), the duo joined forces once again and the result couldn’t be better. “Watch Out” is exactly what we want to hear on a Saturday Night! You’ll instantly find yourself lost by the contagious Space/Italo/Disco/ feeling  of piece, almost compelling yourself to dance. The whole track is very well designed since the first moment you click play. The intro is catchy, and it is instantly followed by a retro synth-line, lasting along the piece, whereas all the elements are progressively appearing, shaping and giving body to the whole structure. Around the min 1:57 there’s a long drop, proceeded by an epic and full build. Excellent. The single is being released via Tigers On A Leash, and you can already buy your copy on beatport.



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