Golden Scissors


Nightriders - Pacific

It has been a long time since we heard something new from Boston Nu Disco producers Joe and Matt, aka Nightriders. In a past not so long ago, these guys were responsible for delivering multiple dance floor fillers, word! If you’re a disco lover, we’re  pretty sure you remember at least the amazing “A Love Feeling” |listen here| released back in 2010. A couple days ago we were presented with a brand new single titled “Pacific.” “Pacific” brings all the best you can listen on a disco tune! Beautiful synth-line progression, accompanied with delightful and embellished cuts along the piece. Around the min 2;248 there’s a delightful, long, and addictive drop, ending up around 3:56 with an effective drummed up percussion. Excellent. The nostalgic feeling of the track, makes us want listen to more and more from the “lost riders!” Make sure to follow, support and love Nightriders on Facebook and Souncloud. It’s Disco Time!



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