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Darkside - Paper Trails Golden Arrow

A couple days ago we shared the massive “Golden Arrow” |download here|, which is the opening single from Darkside‘s (Nicolas Jaar + Dave Harrington) forthcoming album “Psychic” to be released on October 8th. Today the duo unveiled another track called “Paper Trails,” and the good news is that it is possible already to pre-order a copy of the new work on iTunes. “Paper Trails” instantly grabbed our attention due its impeccable quality production, alongside with the genius from both producers. Everything together results into something pretty much epic. Also, check out the tracklist of the new album below the player. We’re truly anxious to listen to the whole thing!

“Psychic” tracklist

1. Golden Arrow
2. Sitra
3. Heart
4. Paper Trails
5. The Only Shrine I’ve Seen
6. Freak, Go Home
7. Greek Light
8. Metatron



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