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Holy Sounday Chapter 8 Summer is officially over… after waking up today and feel rain under my skin, I can’t just pretend anymore that the sun is shinning outside. Depiste all the coldness invading my soul, I have puttted together another package of chilled, tepid, and hazy sounds, which, instantly makes me revisit with a smile on my face all those good and eternal memories from Summertime….

Simon Christen – Airdrift ///

We’re starting off our Holy Sounday with a beautiful video titled “Adrift” from Swiss photographer Simon Christen. Honestly, it’s quite hard to describe in words what our eyes and mind can see/dream. Watch the video below, and read Simon Christen’s own thoughts about the piece. Magical…

Simon Christen says:

“Adrift” is a love letter to the fog of the San Francisco Bay Area. I chased it for over two years to capture the magical interaction between the soft mist, the ridges of the California coast and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. This is where “Adrift” was born.
The weather conditions have to be just right for the fog to glide over the hills and under the bridge. I developed a system for trying to guess when to make the drive out to shoot, which involved checking the weather forecast, satellite images and webcams multiple times a day. For about 2 years, if the weather looked promising, I would set my alarm to 5am, recheck the webcams, and then set off on the 45-minute drive to the Marin Headlands.
I spent many mornings hiking in the dark to only find that the fog was too high, too low, or already gone by the time I got there. Luckily, once in a while the conditions would be perfect and I was able to capture something really special. Adrift is a collection of my favorite shots from these excursions into the ridges of the Marin Headlands.
I hope with my short film I am able to convey the feeling of happiness I felt while I experienced those stunning scenes.”

Halftribe – Excursion 4 |download here| ///


Over the past week I came across Halftribe’s soundcloud account, and I’m deeply in love for his latest production called “Excursion 4.” I’ve been listening to it the whole week, and I thought it would be perfect to open our set. Every single time I listen to it, I feel lost/sedated by the ambiance of the piece teleporting myself into an obscure/feel good parallel world. Contradictory?

Sean Mackey – Mountain Republic (SizzleBird Remix) |download here| ///


And now something more bright! Here’s a gorgeous remix from UK producer SizzleBird of Sean Mackey’s delicious single “Mountain Republic.” We’ve posted before SizzleBird’s positive and chilled waves…. and once again we’re facing another beautiful and dreamy piece. For what we know, some parts of this remix were totally played with a real violin.

Aerotake – You |download here| ///
Soundcloud: http://soundcloudcom/aerotake


A couple months ago we featured Aerotake’s magical track “Departures” |listen here|, which was also the very first track from our “Holy Sounday” series. “You” is the new track, and we’re equally in love for it, especially for its cinematic feeling. We’re anxious to see what will be the next step from California producer. Truly beautiful…

Undroid – Outside |download here| ///


I don’t know much about the producer behind the project Undroid. Honesly,  I have just started to follow him on Soundcloud. The single “Outside” is title track from his latest 2-track EP. We’re honestly digging the general ambiance of the piece, which is very well accompanied with a dark and heavy female vocal sample. Make sure to grab the whole thing via Undroid’s bandcamp page. Also, if you dig our Holy Sounday series, make sure to share this post with your palls. The majority of these producers are young and they’re all dreaming to become the next “thing.” Stay golden…



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  1. Tim Trainor says:

    Coldness invading your soul? Please. Us in the southern hemisphere are loving life in the sun, our southern summer shitting all over your attempted poetry. Long live Christmas in summer <3

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