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house of disco records I was going to start writing this post just like any other regular post, but the truth is that Rogue Vogue is one of my favorite producers from 2012. This guy has been delivering nothing but quality music! To be honest, it’s quite bizarre the fact he’s not more hyped around the scene.  For instance, his remix of Tempogeist’s “Hold On” |listen here| has been on loop for months. Actually I always use it as “secret weapon,” because it is floor filler…. I’m pretty sure that you know what I’m talking about…! Rogue Vogue already released material on great labels (American/European) such as, French Express, Deep&Disco, and Shiny Disco Club. I’m not sure if it is strategy, but I can only assume that his music is probably being played worldwide. So, yesterday the nice people from The House Of Disco Records uploaded on youtube Rogue Vogue’s latest single titled “Say You Will.” “Say You Will” is the title track of the EP, which includes another original called “More Than Enough,” and 3 remixes from Dublin Aunts, LeSale and House of Disco’s Sixth Avenue Express.  It’s hard to say which one is our favorite, but let’s say that “Say You Will” is more orientated for the masses, if that’s even possible!?! The single brings all the best from 90’s house golden era, plus, it sounds modern, clean, and elegant. It’s not just another house tune to fill a DJ set. We’re surely facing a track that flows positive energy and good mood on the dance floor! We’re totally in love for the retro vocal sample, accompanied with a sublime piano-line. Pure gold. Make sure to buy your digital copy of the EP on beatport, and in case you’re a vinyl lover, here’s a juno link. Plus, 10 extra points for the awesome video footage!



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