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HAIM - The Wire (Tourist Remix)

You gotta love when a remix sounds completely like a new track! We’re totally surrendered by the redemption from Tourist of Haim‘s track “The Wire,” which is taken from the L.A. sisters forthcoming album “‘Days Are Gone.” If you’re fan of the work of William Phillips, you already know that he always manage to take other people’s songs into his own world. For instance, the remix he did of Montevideo’s “Castles” |listen here| gave a whole new perspective to the original, resulting in a smashing hit. In case you haven’t heard yet Haim’s original single, yet you should definitely check it out, here. Once again we’re facing a delightful work from London producer, which ends up turning every single listener into a real tourist! The idea we have is that the track seems to be completely reconstructed with an entire new pack of stems. Delightful percussion work, embellished with graceful strings progression lasting the whole piece. Around 1:49 there’s a cool dropp, followed with a gorgeous vocal chopped game. Excellent. Make sure to pre-order your copy of the new album on Amazon. Great news to start the week in the right mood!



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