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Nicolas Jaar is probably my favorite producer worldwide. If we think that with only 17 years old he debuted via the huge Wolf + Lamb records, we can only assume him as a genius from the modern times. At the moment, with only 23 years old, Nico is already considered a reference, and he’s also running his own label Clown & Sunset. I would dare to say that he has already touched the sky! Probably I’m just speculating, but the idea I have is that he seems to be very humble and quiet, except when he’s playing live. If you already attended to a Jaar’ show, you know exactly what I mean. When nico plays on stage, he makes sure that everyone is having a great time! He’s always spicing up his live shows, always taking the crowd into his own world, always on top of the game….

Last Tuesday in New York, Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington premiered their new Darkside album (which follows their full-album remix of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories). Yesterday, via Jaar’s Other People, they shared the first 11 minutes of the LP. Listen/watch/download below, and just in case you’re based in Germany, follow this link to watch the video!

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