Golden Scissors



There’s always something captivating behind the productions from New Jersey beatmaker, Jesse Taylor (aka Y U M E). It seems that every new single reveals a new step, not just in terms of production skill, but especially the way he seduce us with his natural talented “breeze.” If we think we’re talking about a kid that doesn’t even have 20 years old, we can’t even ask for better than this! While listening to pieces such as “Just Us” |listen here| or “Admire” |listen here|, we could only hope for a natural growth. The truth is that we’re facing another magnificent piece of Chillwave! “September” will instantly grab your attention since the first moment you click play. The piece starts with a progressive chopped vocal game, embellished with beautiful and gentle samples. Around the min 1:28 there’s a mini build taking the song into another “level,” followed by an interesting percussion sequence. The track ends up with all the elements together, sounding pretty much epic! It’s quite impressive how can some, so young, touch our heart and sous with simple beats coming straight from a machine. For the last couple months, Y U M E has been proving he’s not just another kid playing at home with his MPC! We’re truly impressed with his natural capacity to diversify and “rewash” his own sound, which clearly demonstrates that there’s still a long path to travel. Download your copy of the new single below, and stay tuned for the new “Love Games” EP due out on November 1st. Freedom…

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